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Sofaset cleaning services in Nairobi

At home or office its important keeping your sofa set clean and neat because not only hygiene but stops spread of germs bacteria and viruses it also gives fresh working environment . Jeroge limited is here to clean your sofa set for you at your convenient time and upto to your standards. We are a professional cleaning company based in Nairobi Kenya with more than 10 years of experience If you are looking for top standard, professional and excellent upholstery and sofa set cleaning in Kenya, Jeroge Cleaning is the right choice for you. We provide regular cleaning for your mattresses, carpets,sofa sets and any upholstery material. Any furniture at your home and office can be professionally cleaned, which would increase its service life. Our aim is to provide a top quality sofa set cleaning service with affordable prices to our clients. We perform Professional Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction method which includes stain, smell and bacteria treatment from the sofa sets. The final cleaning results aim to surpass your expectations. We do sofaset cleaning in Nairobi irregardless of the material used to make your sofa. We use modern environment friendly detergents and form to ensure a perfect level on cleanness on your sofa.Clean sofas make your sorrounding favourable and human friendly.


  • We inspect your fabric or leather sofa set for stains, odors, mold, and dust. Our skilled technicians will determine the best and most effective method to clean your sofas. This is always done individually based on the specific material.
  • Hovering is done at sofas all accessible places for removing dust stuck in between creases and under cushions.
  • The fabric upholstery is treated with eco-friendly cleaning solutions with extraction machine. Your sofa will need a few hours to dry after cleaning.
  • The leather sofa set seat is treated with harmless products, a sponge, soft brush and conditioners. Then the polishing takes place for final step.

    Our professional sofa set cleaning in Nairobi Kenya is available 7 days a week, even on Holidays. You can always call or email our customer service centers to book for sofa set cleaning services. Our Technicians are always read and flexible for emergency on sofa sets treatment all manner of soft furnishings. The sofa cleaning service is performed on site and we use eco-friendly chemicals. We do not disassemble or take the sofa set to another location. Our sofa cleaners know the best way of providing commercial and domestic cleaning services for your furniture. The technicians devote all their efforts to ensure that our clients are always satisfied. We value your business and want you to come back to us every single time. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the new look of your sofa set at any room temperature. The different types of fabrics require different cleaning approach, care and skill. We are fully insured and certified sofa set cleaning specialists. We can also perform dry cleaning for delicate fabrics. For delicate fabrics, we have solutions beyond water extraction, so confirm with a representative if you have worries about the compatibility of your couch with the company’s methods. To keep your couch clean long after your appointment, consider adding on some of the company’s other offerings, such as deodorizer application, which can neutralize smells from pets, food, and more. Please get in touch and we can discuss. Our sofa set cleaning rates are truly affordable for everyone. Our service is great for tenants leaving their rental properties. We also use steam cleaning on the sofa set —the company’s method is considered “water extraction,” during which the company uses hot water and a special solution to loosen dirt, allergens, and odors from within the couch or sofa before drawing them out with the water. Once the process is finished, we will again inspect the couch to confirm you’re happy with the results, and the furniture should be dry within two hours.


    Keeping your upholstery/ Sofa set clean will maintain its appearance, keeping colors bright and textures as they should be. Cleaning Sofas also eliminates stains and odour; dirt and grime is even more important if you have pets – prolonged exposure to such pollutants may degrade your upholstery. The air becomes contaminated as bacteria, pollen, and dust becomes stuck to your furnishings. Every time you breathe while sitting on a filthy couch or chair, you inhale things that can negatively impact your health. Professional upholstery cleaning can remove any filth or bacteria adhering to your furniture. Furniture cleaning reduces the spreads of various germs, bacteria and viruses. In a scenario like today, furniture cleaning has become more important as dirty furniture might carry deadly virus like corona virus. It creates a better learning environment for students and better teaching environment for teachers.


  • With 10 years of professional sofa set cleaning experience, we have trained and equipped our entire technician with the knowledge and capability to do the job right for you. We follow up on the stratifications of our clients. We are licensed and certified for sofa cleaning services.

  • We understand that every organization is different and has different sofa set cleaning needs and policies – that’s why we service on your terms to meet your needs.

  • Every technician we have is trained and skilled to follow top industry techniques and standards. We train our technicians thrice year for new technologies and equipment.

  • We offer sofa set cleaning with reasonable and affordable prices, with no extra or hidden fees. You want to know what you’re paying for. That’s why we offer a full estimate with in-depth pricing. You’ll know precisely what you get and at what price.

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