Pest Control Services

Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Nairobi

We are specialized, professional and customized in pest control services thus giving out best quality, reliable, affordable and most convenient pest control services at your homes, farms hotels and offices. Jeroge Limited is licensed on controlling the following pest.

Why you need Pest Control Services

  • Pests have a fierce, scary or grotesque appearance, like spiders, silverfish or earwigs.
  • They bite or sting (real or perceived), like bed bugs, fleas, wasps, house centipedes and spiders.
  • They have aggressive behavior, like mud dauber wasps and yellow-jackets.
  • They feed off you, like bed bugs.
  • Some carry and spread diseases, like mice, rats, cockroaches and fleas.
  • They can cause or trigger allergic reactions or sensitivities, like wasps, bees, cluster flies and cockroaches.
  • They are a serious health concern, like cockroaches, mice and rats.
  • They stain or smell foul, like pine seed bugs and box elder bugs.
  • They damage your home, gardens and personal items (like mice, rats, clothes moths, and ants).
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