Mattress Cleaning Services In Nairobi

Best Mattress Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Sleep makes us refreshed and healthier thats why we should not take it for granted. Do you find your bed a healthy place to sleep? We should never forget the importance of having a clean bed since it boosts our sleep. Your mattress is a toxic breeding ground. Now you can sanitize,deodorize and protect against allergies for a healthy sleeping environment. Here at jeroge we offer all this for you at a very favurable price. all you need to do is to make a call. Looking for professionals in cleaning services? Jeroge cleaning services is the one you've been looking for, we do professional mattress cleaning by use of eco friendly products that are not harmful in any way.

Have you ever thought of cleaning your mattress?

Yes you have thought about it but you were not sure on how to go about it. Jeroge limited comes with the most recent technique on how to clean your mattress, dont worry whether its old or new we will clean them in the most admirable way.Mattress cleaning in Nairobi is key in our duties and we take it so seriously beacause we understand the importance of healthy sleeping.

Will I use my mattress after cleaning on the same day?

Never worry of where you will sleep once you let us clean your mattress. After doing mattress cleaning the mattress might remain with dampness on touch.Most mattresses take upto 5 hours to dry but Jeroge being the best in mattress cleaning we always use our skills to ensure you get your mattress dry within 2 hours.Reach us out today.

Are the products used safe for my family and pets?

Don't worry about that, Jeroge uses eco friendly products that are non toxic to you, your family or even your pets, guess what, we are happy to be a Eco Friendly Company.

Amazing Discounts

We offer a wide range of discounts than any other company trust me you got to check out the availble discounts for :

  • Areas that require less furniture movement
  • Specific stain removal
  • regular clients
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